An integral part of OM Metalab's services is our FAILURE ANALYSIS department. Our highly experienced personnel have the knowledge and expertise to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the failure.


As the standards of our industry rise due to increasing globalization and competition, there is an ever growing need for consistency and reliability. Breakdown of any unit, system or equipment is an avoidable and costly occurrence and must be prevented or minimized. Analysis of such failures becomes a resourceful and affordable tool in addressing such unwanted occurrences.

To establish whether the cause of component failure lay on:
  • Service conditions
  • Design considerations
  • Material and its specification
  • Improper processing and assembly procedures or
  • Combinations of these.

Only the real "Root cause" can ensure the effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions and avoid recurrence of failure.

  • Understanding and assimilation of background data and selection of samples.
  • Examination and documentation of the failed part by the following
    • Visual examination of parts, location (if necessary) and relevant photographs as well.
    • Non destructive testing by means of Radiography, Dye penetrant, Magnetic particle testing etc.
    • Mechanical Testing for various physical properties.
  • Vital specimens are selected, classified, and subjected to:
    • Macroscopic examination and analysis. This involves examining the fracture surfaces, secondary cracks, deposits and other such elements
    • Microscopic examination and analysis of fracture surface (by Scanning Electron Microscopy, if required).
  • Chemical analysis of material for conformation to specifications.
  • Chemical analysis of corrosion products, deposits, contaminants etc.
  • The actual state of the failed part and the failure mode are established.
  • Fracture mechanics study if found necessary.
  • A simulation of the identical working environment to determine if any external factors have contributed to the failure
  • Conclusions are determined after compiling all evidences and analysis and then the report is generated.
  • Follow-up recommendations are also provided.

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