Metallographic examinations are required to reveal micro/macro structures, to detect internal/ surface defects etc or to decide the conformance to required specification.

Why Metallurgical?

We are equipped with optical microscopes having finest quality optics coupled with high resolution digital photography.

Testing Services Include

  • Grain Size
  • McQuaid-Ehn Grain Size
  • Phase Identification (Bainite, Martensite etc.)
  • Identification of ferrite and Sigma Phases
  • Case Depth and Plating Thickness
  • Decarburisation
  • Nitirde Case Depth
  • Heat Treatment Evaluation
  • Grain Size
  • Sensitisation
  • Ferrite by point count
  • Nodularity/ Nodule Count
  • Area Fraction
  • Banding Index
  • Linear Measurement
  • Grain Flow
  • Surface Condition

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