Test Name : Testing on Universal Testing Machines.

About the test:
Tensile Test on:
  • Plates, pipes, bars etc.
  • Wires/ Thin Foils
  • Fine Wires/Foils with Graph
  • Tensile Test/ Breaking Load Test on TMT / TOR Steel Bar

With Yield Stress, UTS, %Elongation, Stress Strain Graph, Young's Modulus, Proof Stress at 0.1%, 0.2% & so on

This test is widely used to determine strength, ductility, resilience, toughness and several other material properties. A test specimen of circular, square or rectangular cross-section of a suitable size is prepared from the material to be tested. The specimen is held by suitable means between the two heads of a testing machine and subjected to a progressively increasing tensile load till it fractures. A record of load acting on the specimen with progressive extension of the specimen is obtained.

Equipment Used for Testing :
  • Shimadzu (Japan) Fully Computerized Tensile Testing Machine – AGIS 250kN
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Tinius Olsen Super L 60 - Fully Computerised Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

It is the highest value of the stress that the material can bear or sustain without fracture.

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